Your strategic planning meeting can be a breakthrough experience that energizes your leadership team around a common vision, deepens relationships, and drives action towards key initiatives.

The end result of a good strategic planning process and document is: a clear and inspiring mission statement that reflects your brand promise: Core values that are evaluated and defined: A vivid description of a desired future state that is beautifully written and energizing enabling employees to embrace it and live it: Initiatives and specific goals clearly articulated and prioritized so that each department and individual can hit the ground running with tactics that will move you from your current state to your future state. Measurement of success is easy with a solid plan.

Mixing Novel & Conventional

Working with teams at any level of your organization, we take a structured, streamlined and fun approach during a Strategic Planning Engagement.

We kick off the strategic planning process by conducting brief interviews at designated levels within the organization, with key customers and stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of the organizations current state. Based on the major themes from the interviews, we design a tailored strategic planning session. Pre-work is sent to the leadership team a couple weeks prior to the session.

During the 1 or 2-day strategic planning retreat, we use creative problem-solving facilitation which brings out the best ideas and engagement of the leadership team enabling groups to collaborate more effectively when Clarifying the Challenge, Generating Ideas, Developing Solutions and Implementing Solutions. It is a highly interactive session that draws on divergent and convergent thinking and various creative problem-solving tools for “out of the box” thinking and breakthrough ideas.

All thoughts and ideas are captured and used to create the Strategic Plan document. As a result of our process, agreement and commitment to the organization’s purpose and desired future state is generated and the leadership team walks away with a simple roadmap and a clear plan of action relevant at all levels of the organization.

Lastly, we love to do quarterly check-in meetings with your leadership team to review, adjust and drive progress on the strategic plan.

My co-facilitator, Russ Schoen, has been designing and delivering training and facilitations that help individuals and teams maximize their creative output for the last 18 years. His experience in the areas of deliberate creativity, innovation, high performance and change leadership help teams make surprising breakthroughs in the strategic planning process.

My experience as a long-time executive in corporate America, running my own business the last 10 years and helping hundreds of people embrace their mission, vision and core values makes us a great team.

We work with all kinds of organizations and can adjust this process based on your needs. Give me a call or send me a note so that we can talk further.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” – Albert Einstein

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