My role as a coach is to discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve. Encourage self-discovery. Elicit solutions and strategies generated by you. Hold you responsible and accountable. We will create a mission statement, define your core values and write a vivid and compelling vision for all that you want in your work and life. With clear direction and a new mantra, we will focus on your vision and decide on a plan of action.

Company Sponsored Leadership Coaching Program. In an organizational setting, coaching partnerships are structured to include the coach, client, and an engagement sponsor.  The program is tied to business goals, an assessment of the client’s strengths and developmental needs with input from their sponsor. I will create a custom program based in self-awareness, empowerment and building new leadership skills. The engagement ends with a meeting between me, the client, and sponsor to discuss growth, new skills acquired and next step recommendations.

All coaching programs are one-on-one in person/Zoom/phone, typically twice a month and include customized assignments, supportive resources and a session summary. Text and email support between sessions is also included.  The length of a coaching engagement can vary and is based on your goals.

Think of me as your advocate, facilitator and collaborative partner in this adventure!

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