For nearly 5 years prior to working with Diane, I wanted to make a professional career change. I was unhappy, and it was impacting all areas of my life. I didn’t know where to start and truly didn’t believe a change was possible. Through our work, I was able to shift my thinking, get out of my comfort zone, and begin to apply changes to my daily life. Diane helped me overcome my fear of next steps, find a way forward and held me accountable to my vision and goals. I felt listened too, not judged, cared about, completely focused on my needs / agenda, supported, and able to share my perspective at a deeper level. We had thought provoking conversations that revealed some of my patterns, allowed me to see things differently and then find the right solutions. Diane completely embodies a “heart-centered” approach. Within 7 months of working together, I found my dream job! I am happy, my family is happy, and my professional career is thriving. I did not think making a major career shift and having a rewarding life was possible prior to working with Diane. I would recommend Diane 100% to anyone looking for a coach to support a life-long change.
Brian St. PeterSenior Manager, Learning & Development, AMAZON
I can honestly say, without Diane’s coaching, my business would still be in the idea stage. I had it in me, but struggled with where to start. Diane really listened and embraced what I wanted to create. It felt safe to explore ideas and collaborate on solutions with her. Our regular meetings and partnership gave me direction, homework, and accountability. I got things done! This momentum gave me the confidence to keep moving forward. In the process, she helped me to clarify my thoughts, get them on paper and then pitch my business concept to others. In a short period of time from concept to opening, I’m now the proud owner of a city destination for fine wines, gourmet food, gift baskets and community gatherings. It’s everything I hoped for and more!
Liz AhearnOwner and Operator, Picnic Wine & Provisions
"The skilled facilitation of Russ and Diane, has truly transformed strategic planning for our agency. We've applied their tools and talents for the overall 2019 Agency Strategic Plan, and the cascading 2019 plan for a key department (Technology). Versus a more traditional planning process used in past years, our sessions are much more energizing, ideas are better and more plentiful, and team buy-in and cohesion are happening organically. Most importantly, the tight, inspiring 2019 plan is driving our team confidently in the same direction, the plan is being met or exceeded, and momentum is accelerating."
Stacie BoneyPresident, Hanson Dodge
"Diane Testa with Koi Consulting Group is a visionary strategist for those looking to connect with the heart of a business mission or a new or refreshed career. Diane's process for creating a meaningful brand is clear and comprehensive. She is a true gift to those who want to connect in a meaningful way in the world!"
Stephen StarrStephan B. Starr Design, Inc.
"Diane combines her intuitive wisdom with deep listening and business acumen to deliver exceptional coaching and consulting."
Carol LorraineOwner, Blossom into Your Soul's Beauty
"Diane is an experienced, authentic coach who quickly uncovers strengths and areas of exploration to help clients grow and flourish. She combines her unique talents of empathy, insight, pragmatism and action orientation with her extensive experience in the business world, to ensure her clients not only achieve the results they seek, but also feel great about the process. Anyone who has the opportunity to spend time with Diane is very fortunate!"
Sherri Stewart, MBAPartner, LEXT Leadership and Talent Excellence Consulting
"Diane’s skill, expertise and guidance on launching a book into the marketplace was just what I needed. As a result of working with her, my book has been on Amazon’s best-selling list for weeks. I couldn’t have done it without her."
Carol D., MS, CNS, LDNAuthor
"During the course of 6 years, I had the privilege to work with and collaborate with Diane on a number of creativity and innovation related projects. What makes Diane unique? She brings a rare combination of business savvy, the ability to think strategically and the ability to relate to and coach people of all types to any project. Diane’s high degree of integrity, professionalism and great sense of humor help her connect with the individuals and groups she works with and helps them accelerate towards achieving their goals. Bottom-line, Diane brings tremendous value to any individual, team or organization she works with. She is an incredible coach. I highly recommend her."
Russ Schoen, M.S., Creativity, Innovation, Change LeadershipChief Collaboration Officer, FourSight
"Diane is a diamond in the rough of wild business notions out there. Coming from a centered place, of the heart, her sound and candid advice resonates, bringing business solutions that work. While working on my book tour, her dedication and hard work helped lead my book to best-selling and award-winning status. She helps unearth your true essence and brings you to positive results. Two thumbs up for Diane!"
Beth Aldrich, AuthorReal Moms Love to Eat (Penguin, NAL; 2012)
"Diane is one of those people who gives everything her all. She is incisive, focused and extremely genuine. She has a great sense of self. I met Diane when she was going through a transition and trying to figure out the next part of her career. She had lofty goals - all of which she has reached. She created a plan and a vision for herself and followed that to develop business relationships and a consulting role that suits her to a t. What I admire most about Diane is her willingness to look deep and stay true to herself. She has turned her passion into an opportunity to share her secrets and helps others take the same steps she took to create their own path. Whether you are looking for business or personal growth, I highly recommend working with Diane."
Kathy Lichtenstein, CMFEntrepreneur, Career Strategist, Executive Coach
"I am counting my blessings today because I was privileged to work with Diane on creating a mission statement for my purpose. The process and results were surprising and better than I expected. Her inquiries into my passions, my authentic longings, and so much more brought me into more inspiration, excitement and direction. I felt completely comfortable and safe to be my most vulnerable and expansive self. Her gentle, wise, warm nature, focus, and quiet power really helped me synthesize my mission with a flow and peace about it. I felt lead in a natural way, my favorite way of all. I now have a clear direction in one sentence, a new mantra for my business and life. It all flows together. Now I can actively put it on my website, business cards, blog, and keep it as focus when I am planning personal and business events. I am so grateful. I feel like she helped write a book in one sentence about my life purpose in just one or two hours. I’m looking forward to the next step of creating my vision statement."
Katie Klatt Bowen, M.Ed.Certified Yoga Instructor
"Diane helps to guide you to your purpose and answer questions such as: 1.) What do I really want to do? 2.) What are my strengths to help me do that? 3.) What’s my vision? 4.) How am I going to do what I want to do? Through helping you organize your thoughts and turning them into action items to proof reading blog posts, Diane has been a great help. When you are starting a business it helps to know you aren’t alone, there is someone who can point you in the right direction, answer questions on a variety of topics, suggest resources and keep you on target for your goals."
Ann Petrus Baker, BSN, MPH, WHEWhole Health Educator and Coach™
"I've worked with Diane on a number of things over the years. Lately it has mostly been around building leadership skills, creating dynamic ways of hosting meetings and directing a team, and putting together a strategy for running a crowd-funding campaign. One thing that I like about working with Diane is that she is well-equipped to working with me on any number of items, whatever it is that I need to develop the most at any given time, yet she is able to adjust and re-direct course when my needs change as my projects change and challenges change. She is good at what she does, operates with a high degree of integrity and care, and I feel confident recommending people who are looking for business coaching / life coaching to her."
M.S.Executive Director, Nonprofit Sector
"Diane is an excellent business coach. She knows what is required to transition into and build a successful business and she enthusiastically shares information with you as a client. She also communicates well and can identity issues and concerns that the client might not be aware of. I would highly recommend Diane to anyone starting or growing a small business."
Leslye Jones-Beatty, JDCertified Fitness Professional
"As an entrepreneur, I am concurrently working with Diane to assist me in creating my business and marketing strategy for my company, Create Amazing Health, LLC. Diane has a truly remarkable ability to listen carefully to my ideas of creating my "vision" and integrate my thoughts into a meaningful, concise, well written business format, essential to me as I move from the planning phase to the implementation phase of my company. She is punctual, resourceful, and extremely business savvy. Her style is comfortably casual yet professional. I feel quite fortunate to have connected with her. She is truly a pleasure to work with!"
Pam Levin, MBAHuffingtonPost Blogger, Wellness Luminary
"Diane uses a unique inter-personal process which is very powerful. I had previously worked with other goal systems in various corporate and personal contexts, but, through her guidance, I found major progress in developing a mission statement at an important transition stage. Diane made it a very practical and rewarding experience"
John H., JDAttorney
"When I work with Diane, I receive not only honest feedback but immediately actionable solutions for all aspects of my business. She has a kind and professional way, solid connections and years of experience."
Anna A., BSBAIntuitive
"Thank you very much for your excellent workshop on identifying our Mission Statement. While I thought I had my mission statement pretty well mapped out, your workshop helped me better state what it is. You've been an inspiration to me!"
Irwin MyersPresident, Video One Productions
Workshop Participant
"Thanks for a deeply engaging, thoughtful and provocative Vision Statement workshop. I came – not exactly skeptical – but wondering if such a presentation could be useful to me. I came away with a decided, "Yes!" Powerful, stimulating, and one I would highly recommend."
Rosamond CampbellWorkshop Participant
"As a coach, Diane is incredibly professional, disciplined, empathetic, honest and caring. All the things you would want in a coach who is helping you to achieve all you can imagine. She offers fantastic advice and clear direction on how to get what you are trying to accomplish. She has helped me to stay motivated and focused to achieve my dreams and I owe all my success now and in the future to her direction and mentoring."
James Duffey, BALeadership Coach Client