Visioning for Your Life

2011 marks the beginning of a new decade. We appear to be moving into a world that is more open to the concepts of spirituality and co-creating, encouraging us to leave behind anger and struggle. Acknowledging that we were meant to create in all ways is important at this time.

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Visioning For a Community

Dempster-Dodge Businesses Seek New Cohesive Identity By Jordan Graham | Evanston Patch | May 20, 2011 The newly-dubbed Evanston West Village Business Association is looking to brand the Dempster-Dodge corridor as the city’s new “destination area,” starting with this weekend’s ‘Makin’ It Happen’ event. But can they overcome the area’s

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Your Personal Brand

Recently, while attending a party, a woman introduced herself and instead of asking me what I did for a living, she asked “What do you value?” My answer reminded me that her question speaks to the heart of what personal branding is all about.  So what exactly is a personal

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