Executive Coaching

You are looking for better ways to express your ideas, build high performing teams, think more strategically, navigate company politics, move into a new position, find joy in the work you do, live with purpose, and more.  Overall you just want to move forward in your career, your relationships, in life and make decisions that honor your authentic self.

I work with executives and high potential employees in corporations and non-profit organizations using coaching based in self-awareness, empowerment and building new leadership skills.  Considered a thinking partner, advocate, and sounding board, by many of my clients, our work is structured, collaborative and powerful.

We will explore your leadership vision, goals and what you really want and then embrace it with understanding and compassion.  You can count on me for support, perspective, and encouragement to take inspired action.

Results Experienced by Clients:

  • Daily integration of strengths, values, purpose and vision.
  • Less inner critic, increased confidence and a resilient spirit.
  • Emotional self-awareness and better decision making.
  • Preparing for and succeeding in new roles.
  • Improved communication skills.
  • Empowering others and delegating work.
  • Strong executive presence.
  • Shifting the corporate culture.
  • A life and work well lived.

Success Story:  A senior vice president of a global company is feeling depleted and unhappy.  She is overworked, unappreciated and longs for respect from co-workers. She wants to live her life from its’ fullest potential.  Through coaching, she embraces her strengths, builds self-awareness and commits to becoming a strategic visionary leader.  Flash forward a year later, she receives the company’s prestigious Chairman of the Board award and gets a well-deserved promotion.  She is honored for her exceptional leadership skills and loved by her team and peers.

Success Story:  A manager, in a Fortune 500 company, is unhappy in an operations position that no longer aligns with his values. He has a desire to make a difference in the world.  Through coaching, he makes a commitment to growth and purpose.  He moves toward his passion and looks for a role in talent and development. In a few short months, he is offered a senior role in training and on-boarding new leaders within the same company.

With company sponsored programs, coaching partnerships are structured to include the coach, client, and an engagement sponsor.  The program is tied to business goals, an assessment of the client’s strengths and developmental needs with input from their sponsor.

All coaching sessions are confidential. I’ll assign homework, make book recommendations, share tools / resources for continued growth between sessions to reach your highest potential.  The length of a coaching engagement can vary and is based on your goals.

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