Business Coaching

You are looking to create a dream business, start a meaningful nonprofit or grow your current company. You don’t know where to start with so many priorities and many demands on your time.  Focusing on strategy, prioritizing, and deciding on what’s going to make the biggest impact on your business feels like additional work and time you don’t have.

I am your thinking partner, advocate and sounding board to explore ideas and collaborate on solutions.  I offer business coaching for entrepreneurs who want to start a business or take their business to the next level.

We will focus on strategy, structure, systems, processes and action plans. You can count on me for support, perspective, breaking things down, and encouragement to take inspired action.

Results Experienced by Clients:

  • Clarity and alignment with values, mission and vision.
  • An opportunity to generate new thinking / possibilities and identify clear short-and-long term goals.
  • Branding and marketing that is consistent across all platforms
  • Greater productivity and ability to strategically prioritize work.
  • Effective leadership and team building skills.
  • Strategic thinking with a focus on revenue and profitability.
  • Tangible results that build self-confidence.

Success Story: A corporate executive has a dream to start a business she is passionate about.  She’s not sure where to begin.  Together we developed a business plan and through coaching, she implements step by step.  This includes pitching her plan, a real estate build-out, buying fixtures, hiring employees, marketing, PR and more.  The grand opening of her shop happened in a little over a year from our very first meeting.  During COVID, she successfully transitioned her products and classes online and continues to experience consistent growth in revenue.

Success Story A new executive director of a non-profit is questioning if she is the right person for the job.  With vision and clarity, we move forward in coaching.  Not only does she embrace a career where she can make a tremendous impact, in less than a year, she recruits the right board members and reinvigorates the organizations’ purpose and brand.  Step by step she then strategically expands their outreach.  During COVID, she leads her team to successfully reposition their annual fundraising and classes online keeping their work alive and thriving.

All coaching sessions are confidential. I’ll assign homework, make book recommendations, share tools / resources for continued learning and business development.  The length of a coaching engagement can vary and is based on your goals.

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