Strategic Planning

Your strategic planning meeting can be a breakthrough experience that energizes the leadership team around a common vision, deepens relationships, and drives inspired action towards key initiatives.

We take a structured, streamlined and fun approach to a Strategic Planning Engagement. Our process begins with a 360review that includes your organization, key customers and stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of the current state. Based on the major themes uncovered, we design a tailored strategic planning session.

We use creative problem-solving facilitation which brings out the best thinking and engagement of participants in the strategic planning session. Participants find it highly interactive and energizing while we draw on divergent and convergent thinking and various creative problem-solving tools for innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas.

Results Experienced by Clients:

  • An engaging strategic planning framework and language for creative collaboration.
  • Energized commitments to the organization’s core values, mission and vision of the future.
  • An opportunity to generate new thinking, new possibilities and identify clear short-and-long term goals.
  • Team buy-in and cohesion that happens organically.
  • A tight and inspiring strategic plan driving everyone confidently in the same direction.
  • Objectives that are clear, measurable and understood by all.
  • A positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

We facilitate annual and quarterly strategic planning and can adjust our engagement based on your needs. If you prefer, we have the tools and skills to facilitate strategic planning with teams virtually as well.


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