Visioning for Your Life

2011 marks the beginning of a new decade. We appear to be moving into a world that is more open to the concepts of spirituality and co-creating, encouraging us to leave behind anger and struggle. Acknowledging that we were meant to create in all ways is important at this time. We are most radiant and alive when we are creating because in that mode, we are most connected to ourselves / souls. It is when we are the happiest as well. While the ground work is being laid in this new decade, it will be up to each of us to embrace our unique and critical role in shaping the future.

It is a time to remember that we each make a significant difference in this world and that we have a purpose.

  • What are your gifts and talents and how can you share them?
  • What moves you?
  • Where do you find joy?
  • Are you living where you want to be?
  • And with the people you love? Are your relationships working?

Ponder the big questions and acknowledge your desires. This is the first step in creating a vision for your life.

I know people who have spent months planning a vacation and very little time on the creation of their own life. Yes, a vacation is one fun and important event, but a small slice from the pie of life. Claiming what you desire for your life can be scary. It may mean giving up some of the routines you are use to or some major changes that are uncomfortable. The reality is that your comfort zone is a place to rest, not live. Most people’s number one fear is having lived a meaningless life. So why not step away from the “doingness” of our lives that can distract us from what we really want? Stop all of the “to do list” and tasks for a brief moment in the timeline of your life. Take a couple hours or even a day to reflect on what you really want (family, work, health, spirituality, friendships, sleep, self-care, giving back) for your life.

After you decide what you want, clearly visualize it. Better yet, write it down and describe it in detail. Write your desires in the present tense as if it has already happened, using powerful and vibrant words. This will anchor it to reality. Have you heard about how Olympic athletes train to win the medals? …discipline, applying thoughts and energy with great determination, preparation, concentration, joy, and visualizations that include every detail — minute by minute around winning a medal — what it feels like, the sounds of the crowd, the music, the smells, etc.

Have fun with the visioning process and dream a little. The possibilities are limitless. Think about all the times your dreams have come true. Have faith to know that much of what you want for your life is possible. Put a stake in the ground and claim it. Remember that all significant changes and inventions begin with a vision!

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